About Us

PVAC Credit Cards is a reputable company that offers credit cards for those with bad credit. Our company understands that there are needs that should be fulfilled, and that sometimes we don’t readily have the means to meet them. Our company understands that credit history and rating need not be an indicator of how you manage your finances, because there are always unexpected things happening that could set us back greatly.

We understand this, and because of that, we want to help you find the best available credit card deals to get you back on your feet – to settle overdue debt, to pay what needs to be paid, and to buy what needs to be bought. Our company partners with several credit card companies to give you the money you need without pulling you deeper in debt.

PVAC Credit Cards values respect, compassion and trust. We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance of being granted credit, regardless of the mistakes they made in the past. We stand by treating everyone with an understanding and empathy on what they are going through. And most importantly, we operate with a two-way system of trust, making it a point to be open and honest with our customers, letting them know that they can rely on us for help.