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For every four people, there is one who encounters problems applying for a credit card. Unfortunately, it is no longer just about those with no proofs of capacity to pay, but those who have had bad credit history who leave themselves with limited options. Furthermore, the lack of a credit history may also be detrimental to the application process, as lenders do not have anything to reference their payment capabilities on.

As a result, many do not get the cash they need to pay their overdue bills, their rents, their day to day needs, and can no longer afford to purchase their own homes and even cars.

This is where we, PVAC Credit Cards come in. We provide the financial assistance you need regardless of your credit history. We will not turn you down because you are a ‘poor’ candidate for credit, but rather, we will give you the help that you need, simply because you need it. We have partnered with different credit card companies that have minimum requirements but will provide maximum benefits to help you make the most out of it.

Because of the recent downturn of the economy, lenders have become stricter and more selective in assessing credit applications. They are now taking more factors into consideration before giving someone the right to take credit. Because of how they lean strongly on a person’s credit history, more people do not get the financial assistance that they need – resulting to frustration and stress over the lack of money to sustain their needs and to pay the bills.

Credit card approval depends on whether the lender sees the applicant as safe or risky when it comes to repayment capabilities. There may be lenders who will approve, and lenders who will reject, but there are no set guidelines on who can be approved or not. It is solely the lending company’s decision. They usually seek the help of a credit reference agency to provide information on the applicant’s credit history. This, combined with the information provided in the application form, is evaluated by the lender to come up with a credit score that will then be used to identify if the applicant is eligible or not. But with PVAC Credit Cards, there is no need to worry about credit history and rating, as we do not see these as hindrances or factors that should decrease one’s chances of getting credit.

PVAC Credit Cards offers not only assistance to help you get the financial help you are looking for, but to also provide you with the best options available so you have more room and flexibility in determining which company to borrow from. We understand that the mistakes you made in the past should not hinder you from getting the help you need in the present. With that in mind, we have partnered with many companies such as Bad Credit Buster that offer a wide variety of options and have different terms that you can fit in your situation and capacity.

There are now a variety of lending companies that look past the credit history to lend money to others. There are logbook loans for those who own a car, car financers for those who want to get their own vehicles, and even phone loans.

PVAC Credit Cards makes sure to select the best credit cards that won’t get you deeper in debt. We make sure to note which cards offer the lowest rates and the best offers, so you can make the best selection of what is in the market.